Monday, 12 March 2012

Khatti Kairi

The season of mangoes is starting and the raw ones or kairis will soon be available in the market. So, for coming days I'll be posting mango pickle and chutney recipes that I have learnt from my mother.

30 raw mangoes (kairi)
Asofoetida (to taste)
Salt (weight equal to 3 mangoes)
Cumin - 10 gms
Black pepper pods - 10
Clove - 10
Black cardamom - 10
Nutmeg (jaifal), mace (javitri), cinnamon (dalchini), and bay leaves (tej patta) according to taste
Sugar (weight equal to 5 mangoes)

Peel the mangoes and slice them. Mix the sugar, asofoetida and salt in mango slices and keep them in sun and dew for 10 days and nights. Cover the vessel in which you keep mango slices with a clean cloth. After 10 days take rest of the spices, ground them and mix them in the mongo slices. Keep in sun and dew for another day and night. The pickle will be ready to eat after that.

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