Thursday, 6 October 2011

Muskmelon (Kharbooja) Seeds Barfi

The festive season in on in India so I decided to share a sweet dish recipe this time. Hope you have fun making it.

200 gms Muskmelon seeds (kernel removed)
1 big bowl of Sugar
2 tbspn clarified butter/ghee

Clean the muskmelon seeds and roast them in a pan. Remove the seeds. Take a small cup of water in a pan, add sugar and heat it to make toffee (chashni). Add 1 spoon ghee in toffee. Drop some toffee in water, if it becomes solid that means its ready. Add roasted seeds in the toffee. Spread 1 spn ghee on a steel dishe. Pour the seed mixed toffee in the dish and spread it. Let it cool. Once its thickened cut into diamond shaped pieces. Its ready to be served.

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