Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tamarind and ginger powder chutney (dip)

In my previous recipe of samosa I had mentioned a red chutney. I thought that before proceeding towards my next main recipe, I should tell you how to make this yummy, lip smacking dip.

1 tspn mustard oil
100 gms ripe tamarind (seedless)
100 gms jaggery
20 gms garam masala
10 gms red chilly powder
1 pinch of hing (asofoetida)
5 dry dates (chuhara)
10 gms raisins
1/2 tspn black rock salt
11/2 tspn table salt
1/2 tspn dry ginger powder (sonth)

Wash the tamarind and let it boil (on low flame) in 1/2 ltr water. Add jaggery too. If possible use an aluminium pan. Let it cool and sieve the liquid. Heat oil in the pan add asofoetida and let it split. Now add the tamarind and jaggery liquid. Add all the spices, salt and raisins. Chop the dry dates and add them too. When the liquid gets thicker remove it from the flame and let it cool. The dip can be used for 15-20 days. Serve it with samosas, pakodas or any other snack.


  1. This really sounds lovely. I'd like to use it with chicken fingers of fish. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Fish sounds good...will suggest it to my Husband...

  3. stumbled on this blog and found a chutney recipe!

    thank you Kavita!

  4. Thans Helene...
    Hope you like it when you make it.


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